muscle memory; It is a subject that people who do sports know more or less, and those who are new to sports are very curious. Reminding us that the brain is in a perfect structure, muscle memory appears as the savior of people with a sports background. Many types of sports, such as tennis, soccer, and cycling, develop muscle memory over time. Therefore, people who do this type of sports for a certain period of time and stop, benefit from muscle memory when they start again, depending on a number of factors. So what exactly is muscle memory? To know exactly what muscle memory is and what it does, it is necessary to know the function of the muscles. Approximately 30% to 40% of the human body consists of muscles. So much so that the muscles are the most important system that provides the movement of the skeleton. Muscles; It has a structure that varies according to the person’s diet, sports and quality of life. In this direction, the muscles of people who do sports regularly and eat protein-weighted grow and develop. This condition is called “hypertrophy”. Thus, an increase in the person’s muscle mass occurs.