Salep is a fiber-rich beverage. Therefore, it has a satiating effect. Especially when combined with milk, salep increases the feeling of satiety, and when consumed by adding cinnamon to it, it prevents hunger crises by balancing blood sugar. In this way, it ensures that blood sugar rises and falls more slowly and remains in balance. Salep, which is a beverage that helps digestion, can eliminate problems such as gas, heartburn and constipation by regulating intestinal activities. Salep contributes positively to the regulation of bowel movements thanks to the mucilage component in it. With its relaxing effect on the intestines, it not only facilitates digestion, but also fights bacteria. It is also effective in reducing intestinal worms seen in humans. Salep contains glucomannan. This substance helps to lower the cholesterol level in the blood. Therefore, consuming salep regularly can protect the heart. It also shows a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases. Salep can relieve nervous tension and pain. For this, you can consume salep when you are nervous and angry. In short, we can say that salep is a special drink that relaxes your body and mind.