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Frequently Asked Questions.

What are my advantages as a customer?
When you place an order as a customer, your orders are brought to your address without getting tired and without losing time. You save money in every way.
What are my advantages as a workplace?
Lots of customers means lots of tables and enough space. This brings high costs. In case of an increase in your online orders, there will be no problems with dishes, and the service is short-term and economical. In this way, you save time and increase your income.
What are the restaurant opening and closing hours?
09:00am on weekdays 11:00am in the evening - We are open until 11:00am on weekends
Who should I contact to organize an event in Restaurant?
You can reach us from the information on the contact page. Or you can make a request via the reservation form.
Is a reservation required for the restaurant?
If you have a reservation, your table is ready when you arrive, so you will not have to wait or find a table. We do not have a reservation requirement, but it will be in your best interest to have a reservation.