Did you know that bees not only produce honey, they also produce a substance called propolis? Propolis, which is very beneficial for human health, is a special substance obtained from the buds and nectar of many different plants, especially coniferous trees. So, what are the benefits of propolis, which attracts attention with its features? Let’s start by answering the question of what is propolis to better understand the benefits of propolis. Propolis, as we mentioned above, is a special substance produced by bees and has a naturally resinous consistency. Propolis, which bees create by mixing their own wax with plant extracts, is produced to sterilize the honeycombs in the hive and to protect the hive against bacteria. Propolis is a substance that can prevent hair loss, helps hair regrow and provides hair care. You can add 5-10 drops of propolis to the hair care products you use for this, and then apply it to your hair. Studies show that propolis can be an effective substance against cancer. In particular, propolis, which can prevent cancerous cells from multiplying by cutting the communication network, prevents cancer from entering the final stage from the initial stage. The high antioxidant level of propolis plays an effective role against cancer. Therefore, it may be possible to reduce the risk of developing cancer with the consumption of plain propolis.